Ginny Crane hopes her customers feel just as liberated while wearing her handcrafted jewelry and accessories as she does while making each piece. The Mechanicville, Virginia native has obsessed over making jewelry most of her life, but truly discovered her gift at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Art. Since graduating in 2015, Crane branched beyond her conceptual and sculptural body of work to jewelry production. “The transition to jewelry making was easy”, explained Crane. “I wanted my body of work to be more on the fashion-side of things allowing people to live with pieces that express their daily lifestyle.”

In 2016, Ginny founded Liberatus Jewelry to offer versatile handmade jewelry and men's accessories that are timeless yet modern. Each beautiful piece is designed and hand-cut in recycled sterling silver, brass, and copper and are easy to dress up for a formal or down for everyday wear. Ginny’s design style goes beyond the aesthetics. Her ultimate goal is to create goods that do good and look good at the same time. Creating sustainable designs through ethical studio practices is something she strives for. Many of her designs are inspired by the “throwaways” of her other pieces, allowing organic shapes to occur and virtually no material to go to waste. 

Ginny also enjoys surrounding herself with empowering, like-minded women and supporting them however she can. Like her jewelry, she respects the uniqueness of each women’s journey. “As a former certified mastectomy prosthesis fitter with Nordstrom, I saw the highs and lows of a lot of special ladies.”, said Crane. “I love honoring God by using my gifts to spread a boost of joy and confidence.” From her home studio, Ginny’s able to live out her dreams and share her gifts with the world. 

"I love my art because it isn’t for walls. These pieces of me are made for others. For us—you and I both. I’m in the file scratches on the edges, in the fingerprints I leave when I take it from my bench. It’s for you to wear down, to ding and scratch and make your own as it molds to your body and becomes a part of who you are just as a tattered old swing becomes part of its tree."

Photo by Kevin Racket

Photo by Kevin Racket


All items are either in inventory or made-to-order and will ship in 2-3 weeks from order date. A tracking number will be provided upon order fulfillmenT.

Your happiness is extremely important! All pieces are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and made-to-order. Pieces may vary in appearance from photos. If there are any problems with your piece when it arrives, fill out a contact form within seven days and you will be able to exchange it, return it for a full refund, or have it repaired if you wish. After fourteen days, only a store credit can be offered as a refund. All work is guaranteed for at least one year after date of purchase. After one year, any needed repairs may be subject to additional fees depending on the nature of the repairs needed. Fill out a contact form with the subject line, Repairs.

In order to be eligible to purchase Liberatus Jewelry wholesale, you must first submit an email liberatusjewelry@gmail.com or fill out a contact form. Please review the Liberatus Wholesale Contract before submitting a request.


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